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End of Silver Rigging or End of the World? “They” Might Just Get Both!

We are at the end of a battle that has lasted much, much longer than we even know… by Bix Weir of Road to Roota It has never been more […] (Source)

China & Russia Announce New World Currency! This Is The Historic Cashless Reset! – Silver Doctors

The new currency system built out of a controlled collapse is cashless and will be based in… by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media Josh Sigurdson reports on one of the most important stories in months as the globalists shift into the Great Reset and...

Newmont, World Wrestling Entertainment, Ryanair & more

Ryanair planes are seen at Dublin Airport, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Dublin, Ireland.Jason Cairnduff | ReutersCheck out the companies making headlines in midday trading Monday.Newmont — Newmont shares tumbled 11.9% after the mining company reported a disappointing second-quarter profit....

How the World Embraced Nationalism, and Why It’s Not Going Away Soon – Silver Doctors

Nationalism still appears to have a lot of life left in it… by Ryan McMaken of Mises Institute Perhaps one of the more astute observers of Russian foreign policy in recent decades has been John Mearsheimer at the University of Chicago. He has spent years...

From Fourth Year to the Real World, Part 2: Transitioning from Med School to Residency

By Josh Katzowitz, WCI Content Director Ava’s family stayed calm as 11am approached. Her parents measured the best angle from which they could shoot video of the exact moment she would take the first step of her post-medical school career. Her brother, halfway across...