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Mega Millions Winner Sues Woman for Revealing His Identity

Sounds like trouble in paradise for one Mega Millions winner who is suing the mother of his daughter for revealing his identity — and his winnings — to his family.An unidentified man in Maine, who won the...

Funeral Home Puts Wrong Woman in Casket at Funeral

Funerals can be a traumatizing experience for many, but showing up at the funeral home to see that a stranger has been accidentally placed in the casket where your loved one is supposed to be is a...

Carnival Gives Lifetime Cruise Ban to Woman for CBD Gummies

This article originally appeared on Business Insider. A Texas woman said she was banned for life from Carnival cruises after security found CBD gummies in her luggage.In August, Melinda Van Veldhuizen, 42, was preparing to set sail...

Woman, 75, Dies After Bahamas Ferry Capsizes: Video

An American tourist died in a freak accident on Tuesday when a double-decker ferry transporting cruise passengers to an island excursion sank in the Bahamas.The boat, which was carrying 100 passengers, departed from Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas,...