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Wages, Inflations & the Economy

    I spend an hour chatting with Pete about wages, inflation, and why so many economists are experts about the way the world was in 1970s when they came of age professionally — but it hurts them in terms of analyzing the world today.     click...

Real Wages – The Big Picture

  I am working on a longer commentary, but in the meanwhile, I wanted to share three quick charts which are incredibly instructive about wage-push inflation, and what it might mean. I separating these from that inflation discussion because I suspect economists are thinking...

Another Effect Of Rising Wages – Silver Doctors

When McDonald’s, Walmart or Amazon talk about “substantial benefits to customers and employees”, they’re of course actually saying… by John Rubino of Dollar Collapse After decades of stagnation, wages are finally rising. McDonald’s, believe it or not, has made the whole $15 minimum wage movement...