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Talk Your Book: The Buy-Write Strategy

<!-- --> Posted November 28, 2022 by sean Today’s Talk Your Book is brought to you by Madison Investments:   See here to learn more about investing in Madison Investments strategies and managed account solutions and here for disclosure information On today’s show, we are...

Is It Tacky to Talk About Money?

Today, we cover a broad range of topics from employee stock purchase plans to how to move on after you make a financial mistake. We discuss the difference between a traditional workplace 401(k) and a solo 401(k). We talk about 457(b)s and the...

Talk Your Book: Zillow for Farmland

<!-- --> Posted November 12, 2022 by sean Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by ActreTrader: We are live from Fayetteville, Arkansas with AcreTrader Founder Carter Malloy to discuss investing in Farmland. See AcreTrader Disclaimers here On today’s show we discuss: How AcreTrader is modernizing...

Talk Your Book: Doubling Down on Crypto

<!-- --> Posted October 31, 2022 by sean Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Fidelity Digital Assets:   We are live from Boston to discuss Fidelity’s jump into crypto with Fidelity Digital Assets. On today’s show we discuss The origin story for Fidelity Digital Assets What...