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Supply Chain Is 40% of Inflation

  There is a new 60/40 in town, and it is the contribution to inflation from consumer demand for goods and the pandemic-broken supply chain. That is according to a study by Julian di Giovanni, who publishes at the NY Fed’s blog Liberty Street Economics. Over...

Can Increases in the Supply of Gold Lead to Boom-Bust Cycles? – Silver Doctors

Boom-bust cycles emerge from increases in the money supply out of… by Frank Shostak via Mises According to the Austrian business cycle theory, the boom-bust cycle emerges in response to a deviation in the market interest rate from the natural interest rate, or the equilibrium...

Global Diesel Supply Problems Continue To Get Worse? – Silver Doctors

Global problems with diesel, natural gas, fertilizer and a lack of cheap energy and electricity have not gotten better, but actually… Doomberg with Jason Burack of Wall St For Main St  Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St welcomed back returning guest, Doomberg to...

Silver Supply Getting Tighter By The Day! – Silver Doctors

As the inventory gets closer and closer to zero, how much longer can… by David Morgan of The Morgan Report The Silver Guru, David Morgan, stops by to talk about the ongoing drain on Comex Registered Silver supply in the face of stubbornly low prices....