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Translating Wall Street Jargon – A Wealth of Common Sense

I saw the following headline earlier this week: I didn’t even need to read the actual article to know what the message would be. The tell here was the term ‘veteran forecaster’. In finance-speak, veteran forecaster can be translated to mean someone who is supremely...

Talent war between family offices and Wall Street drives up salaries

A version of this article first appeared in CNBC's Inside Wealth newsletter with Robert Frank, a weekly guide to the high-net-worth investor and consumer. Sign up to receive future editions, straight to your inbox.The typical family office costs more than $3 million a year to...

Inflation fears on Main Street are running hotter again

The fight against inflation was going well for the Federal Reserve and economy for much of last year and into 2024, but one important demographic remained unconvinced about the progress being made in lowering pricing: small business owners.Now, more influential parties are coming...

It’s been a great run for Wall Street. Main Street is feeling left out

Westend61 | Westend61 | Getty ImagesBetween rising costs for groceries and fuel, increased debt levels, and shrinking savings, people are having trouble seeing the overall economic growth reflected in their bank accounts. Our recent research with CNBC showed that the "vibecession" has a hold...