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How to automate your savings and pay off student loans after college

Having a strong safety net can make it easier to take big risks.For Tori Dunlap, founder of financial education company Her First 100K, that security came in the form of $100,000.Dunlap, 27, landed an entry-level marketing job after graduating from college and soon...

How this woman quit her job and lived off her savings in her 20s

Having an emergency fund should be a cornerstone of household budgets.Experts commonly recommend you have at least three months of expenses in savings to handle unexpected setbacks.But how much money should you save to intentionally quit your job? That is a harder question...

More employers put 401(k) savings on autopilot

Marko Geber | DigitalVision | Getty ImagesEmployers are increasingly putting retirement savings on autopilot for their workers.About 62% of businesses with a 401(k) plan used automatic enrollment in 2020, up from 60% the year prior and 46% a decade ago, according to the...