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How to get free Nike sneakers, save money at Apple & other life hacks

Reading the fine print or understanding available offers means you could be saving money or taking advantage of refunds or freebies that you might not have otherwise known about, like a brand-new pair of Nike sneakers. That's the kind of attention to detail...

How Reading The Fine Print and Terms of Service Can Save Money

As consumers, we often ignore reading the terms and conditions. From booking airline tickets, taking out insurance, or even a simple purchase from your favorite clothing store; reading the fine print is not something we tend to spend a lot of time on. Due...

How Much Should You Save in Your 20s?

Your 20s can be a very intense time full of transitions and opportunities. You might be finishing or starting school; you might be beginning your first full-time job; you might be buying or renting your first house or apartment. Needless to say, your budget will...

What Can Save Netflix From Cost Inflation Destruction? – Silver Doctors

Netflix was not dynamic in their approach to the future… by Bix Weir of Road to Roota Netflix is being gutted because it was NOT Dynamic in their approach to the Future…THEY WERE STATIC! Now they have a chance to right their course and one...