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A Deeper Look at the Retail Industry

The crowd of companies in this section sells products ranging from lollipops to jet airplanes. Some of these businesses, measured by earnings on unleveraged net tangible assets, enjoy terrific economics,...

Could Retail “Bagholders” Spark a Rally “Smart Money” Will Be Forced to Chase? – Silver Doctors

There would be some deliciously karmic justice in the “dumb money” driving a rally that forced the “smart money” to cover their shorts and chase the rally that shouldn’t even…  by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds There would be some deliciously karmic justice...

The Analysts Upgrade… Retail Stocks?

It's Not All Carnage In The Retail Sector There is carnage in the retail sector to be sure but not all within it are suffering. Be it branding, positioning, DTC sales, or a combination of all three some in the retail world are set...