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Top 5 Reasons to Work after Attaining Financial Independence

By Dr. Leif Dahleen of Physician on Fire, WCI Network Partner Browsing the Bogleheads forum, my eyes naturally gravitated to the thread titled “What is FI if you love your job?” The short answer is that FI is financial independence. Nothing more, nothing less, and...

Three reasons this struggling fintech stock may break out of its slump

PayPal tumbled 16% this week, but one top analyst is making a bullish long-term case for the struggling stock.The company's underperformance follows leadership uncertainty. PayPal's chief financial officer, John Rainey, announced last week he'll leave the company in late May. Yet, Bruderman Asset...

4 Reasons the Housing Market Won’t Crash

A couple of months ago Fortune asked me to write a piece for their Quarterly Investment Guide that’s all about the housing market. I have been writing a lot about the crazy housing market so this was right up my alley. At the time...

Should I Take Social Security Early? [10 Reasons Why Not To]

By Dr. James M. Dahle, WCI Founder As a general rule, you should take Social Security as late as possible. There are two main exceptions. The first is if you are likely to die soon. The second is if you are married to someone...