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A Bi-Polar Dollar Vs. A Sane Precious Metal – Silver Doctors

Gold’s stubborn, patient and inevitable trend north will continue… by Matthew Piepenburg via Gold Switzerland The bi-polar US Dollar, like so many market forces of late, is exhibiting some odd behavior. In recent interviews and reports discussing the year ahead, I specifically cited the movements of the bi-polar US Dollar...

A Forecast for Precious Metals in 2022 – Silver Doctors

You can plainly see where a silver price of $34 is not out of the question, and that’s a number that would certainly…  by Craig Hemke via Sprott Money News Oh, boy. Here we go again. It’s the start of a new year, and that...

What To Expect in 2022 From The Precious Metals Sector – Silver Doctors

What are the variables that will cause an unprecedented move higher in the precious metals sector and a collapse financial asset markets? by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics Without question, investing in the precious metals sector has been a pain in the ass for...