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Is Switzerland still a safe jurisdiction for precious metals investors? – Silver Doctors

Has the “last bastion” of individual liberty and financial sovereignty also fallen? by Claudio Grass via Over the last two years, we’ve all witnessed state abuses of power and extreme overreaches the likes of which many average citizens had never imagined they’d see in...

All Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum And Palladium) Whacked! – Silver Doctors

Minor liquidation accompanied our small sized… by Harvey Organ of Harvey Organ Blog //ALL PRECIOUS METALS WHACKED: GOLD DOWN $6.80 TO $1946.40//SILVER IS DOWN 57 CENTS TO $24.57//PALLADIUM DOWN $86.10 TO $2383.75 AND PLATINUM DOWN $16.70 TO $972.95//GOLD GOLD STANDING FOR DELIVERY IN APRIL RECEIVES...