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Winning Gold Market Plays Now, And Silver Suddenly Poised To Significantly Outperform Gold – Silver Doctors

A summer rally for gold looks ready to begin… by Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates 1.   Investors want to know: will it be recession, inflation, or both? 2.   The unfortunate answer is that it will be mostly a surprise because surprise is the main theme of a war...

MarketBeat Podcast: How to Profit In The Bear Market

Today, on The MarkeBeat Podcast Kate is joined by a repeat guest, Rob Isbitts of Sungarden Investment Publishing. Rob specializes in ETF portfolios designed to deliver returns in any kind... (Source)

How to Screen for Cash Value Stocks in a Bear Market

Bear markets are times of uncertainty for investors as the market resets its parameters and preferences to determine stock values. While top-line growth momentum and high expectations are relished in bull markets, it get replaced by tangible value and stability during bear markets....

How to Time the Market With Net Net Stocks

Investing in net nets was my bread and butter back in 2008-2010. I call it the glory days. Everything was so darn cheap, it was like taking candy from a baby. Not that...

Net Net Stock Screening in an Overvalued Market

Hot markets, cold markets, and everything in between. Cheap net net stocks will continue to exist. The quality of net nets change depending on the market temperature, but they are there – like hobbits hiding...

Why the market is taking Powell’s ‘soft-ish’ economic language so hard

Roger FergusonMichael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty ImagesAnyone who read a Fed chair coining the term "soft-ish" for an economic landing, as Jerome Powell did on Wednesday, as a bullish signal, has a transitory understanding of how much significance to give to any...