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How Long Will Inflation Last 2022 – Silver Doctors

The inflationary cycle is going to last for 30 long years? Charles Nenner with Dave Russell on GoldCore TV What if we told you that you could predict the future? Dave Russell of GoldCore TV welcomes Dr. Charles Nenner, founder of #CharlesNenner Research Center who...

How Long Does it Take For Stocks to Bottom in a Bear Market?

I’ve spent a lot of time here looking back at historical bear markets in terms of length and magnitude. Maybe it’s just reassuring to know bear markets do come to an end even if you don’t know when it will be. This is every bear...

Zero Long Liquidation In Gold, Just Short Covering From Stupid Speculators – Silver Doctors

In essence, we have a small size increase in… by Harvey Organ of Harvey Organ Blog //GOLD UP $4.75 TO $1853.95//SILVER DOWN 8 CENTS TO $22.07//PLATINUM DOWN 90 CENTS TO $1011.30//PALLADIUM DOWN $31.50 TP $1951.90//COVID UPDATES//VACCINE IMPACT//IVERMECTIN UPDATES//UKRAINE VS RUSSIA UPDATES//YEN CRASHES AND THUS INFLATION...

A Sign That Gold Stocks Have Finally Put In Their Long Overdue Bottom?

Encouraging action in gold stocks… by Peter Schiff of Peter Schiff Podcast Jobs Are a Lagging Indicator · Encouraging action in gold stocks.· America has never been in a weaker […] (Source)