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Why another stablecoin losing its peg isn’t ‘Terra 2.0’

Cryptocurrencies have been under immense pressure after the collapse of a so-called stablecoin called terraUSD.Umit Turhan Coskun | Nurphoto via Getty ImagesA controversial stablecoin launched just before the collapse of a similar token called terraUSD is struggling to maintain its peg to the...

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says recession isn’t ‘inevitable

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testifies before a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on President Biden's proposed 2023 U.S. budget, on Capitol Hill in Washington, June 8, 2022.Jonathan Ernst | ReutersThe recession that many Americans fear is coming is not "at all...

The Fed Isn’t Debasing The Currency Fast Enough – Silver Doctors

It’s most likely that countries will continue to inflate their debts away because the only other option is to… Lyn Alden on Palisades Gold Radio Lyn discusses global central bank policies and their effects on inflation. We now have a much different environment than what...

Report Shows Why Gold Should Be Way Up, Not Why Gold Isn’t – Silver Doctors

A zillion reasons why gold should be going way up in price… by Chris Powell of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: The new annual “In Gold We Trust” report from financial house Incrementum’s Ronald-Peter Stoferle and Mark J. Valek...