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Pioneer CEO says the oil company will keep returning most of its cash flow to investors

"I think the growth days are over for the industry," Pioneer's Scott Sheffield told Jim Cramer on Wednesday. (Source)

Investors To Get A Lot Richer (But Need To Stay Safe) – Silver Doctors

Most stock market investors appear to be viewing the current lull in the 2021-2025 civil war cycle as an end to it, but they may need to… by Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates 1.   Can market trends be predicted?  Sometimes they can, but more often not. 2.   If prediction...

Investors flock to green energy funds as Congress passes climate bill

The expansion of renewables comes at a time when concerns about the speed of the planet's shift away from fossil fuels have been heightened following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.Imaginima | E+ | Getty ImagesThere's been a surge of interest in green energy funds...

New ETF gears up to attract hesitant investors

Risk-averse investors have a new option to make safer bets on Tesla. Innovator ETFs launched the Innovator Hedged TSLA Strategy ETF (TSLH) – among other defined outcome products – last month.According to the ETF's CEO Bruce Bond, it gives investors exposure to the stock...

Tornado Cash crackdown by Treasury punishes honest crypto investors

A tornado is seen on a field in D'arcy, Saskatchewan, Canada June 15, 2021.Neil Serfas | via ReutersThe Treasury Department's crackdown on Tornado Cash was meant to stop criminals. But a lot of ordinary crypto investors with honest intentions are now at risk."Every...

This play may help investors avoid dramatic lows

It's a class of exchange-traded funds designed to prevent your portfolio from hitting dramatic lows — but it may require a level of sophistication.The idea: Incorporate short-term levered plays including covered call and risk-reversal strategies in order to help investors customize their own...