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Umbrella Insurance for Doctors | White Coat Investor

By Dr. James M. Dahle, WCI Founder By Dan Miller, WCI Contributor In general, you should self-insure whenever possible and then insure really well against the financial catastrophes out there. Your refrigerator dying or your iPhone being lost are not financial catastrophes. Before we discuss...

Maine insurance agency faces online backlash after racist Juneteenth sign

Google Earth view of Reed Agency in Millinocket, Maine.Google EarthAn insurance agency in Millinocket, Maine, is facing online backlash after a photo circulated on Facebook of a sign taped to the business's door on Monday saying, "Juneteenth ~it's whatever... We're closed. Enjoy your...

How to Increase Insurance Reimbursement Rates

By Nathaniel Arana, Guest Writer There is a dynamic shift in the healthcare arena where insurance payers are willing to negotiate reimbursement rates for small and mid-sized physician groups. The reason for this is because insurance payers are starting to realize that the “bread...

Employer Health Insurance Plans and PPO vs. HDHP

Today, Dr. Dahle and Dr. Spath answer questions all about health insurance. They talk about PPOs vs. HDHP plans. They discuss the difference between co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums. They cover the difference between bronze and silver and platinum plans and talk about why...