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Inflation boosts average household spending by $433 a month: Moody’s

People shop at a grocery store on June 10, 2022 in New York City.Spencer Platt | Getty ImagesThe average American household is spending $433 more a month to buy the same goods and services it did a year ago, according to a Moody's...

11 Ways Your eCommerce Company Can Fight Back Against Inflation

When it comes to protecting your eCommerce company from rising inflation, you have a few options. Try some of these techniques to beat back rising consumer prices and stay ahead... (Source)

As inflation eases, the macro grinds in favor of the gold mining sector – Silver Doctors

The macro market and economic backdrop continue to pivot favorable for the gold mining sector… by Gary Tanashian from Notes From The Rabbit Hole The macro market and economic backdrop continues to pivot favorable for the gold mining sector The risk/reward for gold stocks has been...

Persistent Inflation Will Slow Economic Growth – Silver Doctors

Persistent inflation is going to slow economic growth making the outcome “gloomier” than The IMF originally expected…  by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan The International Monetary Fund has issued a rather gloomy outlook for the larger global economy. Persistent inflation is going to slow economic growth...

Inflation Causes Price Increases – Silver Doctors

Despite all these assertions regarding the side effects of inflation, the popular way of thinking… by Frank Shostak via Mises Why is inflation regarded as bad news? What kind of damage does it do? Popular commentators maintain that inflation causes speculative buying, which generates waste....

Which is Worse: Inflation or Unemployment?

  You may have missed this wonderful Josh Zumbrun column in the Wall Street Journal last week: “Inflation and Unemployment Both Make You Miserable, but Maybe Not Equally.” It’s one of those things that are so obvious no one ever stops to think about it...