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Payroll growth accelerated by 428,000 in April, more than expected as jobs picture stays strong

The U.S. economy added slightly more jobs than expected in April amid an increasingly tight labor market and despite surging inflation and fears of a growth slowdown, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.Nonfarm payrolls grew by 428,000 for the month, a bit...

Outrageous Positive Spin On Official U.S. Report Of Negative Economic Growth

Markets rally on horrific economic news… by Peter Schiff of Peter Schiff Podcast Mortgage are rates too high for anyone to refinance for better rates.Markets rally on horrific economic news. […] (Source)

Is It Time to Start Buying Growth Stocks?

A reader asks: As the NASDAQ has had a rough start to 2022, and high multiple names have been crushed, and the street view seems to be that Cathie Wood stocks are essentially going to keep crashing with rates/inflation being what they are. I...