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Government interventions and the Cobra effect – Silver Doctors

It always comes down to the hubris of central planners, who believe they can tame, micro-manage and control the… by Claudio Grass via Almost two decades ago, German economist Horst Siebert coined the term the “Cobra effect” to describe the real-world consequences of “well-intentioned” government interventions...

The Government Created Inflation…and Has No Idea How to Fix It – Silver Doctors

When the U.S. opted to shut down its economy in 2020, it embarked on the single greatest mistake in policy history. Economies are not like… by Graham Summers of Gains, Pains, & Capital As I outlined yesterday, inflation has arrived in the financial system… and...

“The US Government Was Keeping The Price Suppressed, They We’re Getting Out Of The Silver Coinage Business”

Huh? by Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics Jeff Christian admits US government suppresses the silver price. (Source)