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Legendary investor’s firm launches new fund targeting ‘quality’ stocks

Legendary value investor Jeremy Grantham is betting on a special caliber of stocks with his firm's first active ETF: the GMO U.S. Quality ETF.  And he put GMO partner Tom Hancock in charge of it."There's a lot more interest in active ETFs than there...

New fund bets big on Eisenhower-era stocks

Investors concerned about the market may want to consider stocks that have stood the test of time — otherwise known as dividend monarchs.That's a top strategy for Roundhill Investments, which launched its S&P Dividend Monarchs ETF this month."It's named that for a reason....

Should I Use a State-Specific Municipal Bond Fund?

  By Dr. Jim Dahle, WCI Founder Lots of municipal bond investors wonder whether they should use a state-specific bond fund. While I'm a big fan of municipal bond funds (as opposed to buying individual muni bonds)—due to their additional diversification, convenience, and liquidity—deciding whether...