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Gas prices are falling — Here’s why it’s happening and whether it can continue

Gas prices are below $4 for the first time since March, but the market remains precarious and experts said it's too early to know if the move lower will hold.The national average for a gallon of gas has fallen for the last 58...

BIS gold swaps keep falling sharply, down 60% in six months – Silver Doctors

Gold swaps undertaken by the major gold broker fell substantially again, this time… By Robert Lambourne via GATA Gold swaps undertaken by the Bank for International Settlements, the major gold broker for central banks, fell substantially again in June, this time by 68 tonnes, bringing...

Silver Falling Below Production Cost? How Much Lower Can Silver Prices Go? – Silver Doctors

Important precious metals news stories in the last few weeks… James Anderson with Jason Burack of Wall St For Main St Jason asks James about the important precious metals news stories that have happened in the last few weeks along with how much lower silver...