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Contra Ben Bernanke, the Gold Standard Promotes Economic Stability – Silver Doctors

In the past, the alleged instability of economies on the gold standard took place because the authorities were… by Frank Shostak via Mises Currently the world is on a fiat money standard—a government-issued currency that is not backed by a commodity such as gold. The...

Economic Collapse Is Unavoidable

Economic collapse is on the way… by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity Economic Collapse is Unavoidable To watch Part 2, continue to Peak Prosperity using this link. (Source)

Why the market is taking Powell’s ‘soft-ish’ economic language so hard

Roger FergusonMichael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty ImagesAnyone who read a Fed chair coining the term "soft-ish" for an economic landing, as Jerome Powell did on Wednesday, as a bullish signal, has a transitory understanding of how much significance to give to any...

The Worst Economic Gloom In 50 Years – Silver Doctors

If the American people are this upset about the economy now, how will they be feeling six months down the road? by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog We haven’t seen anything like this in decades.  Energy prices are soaring to unprecedented heights.  Food...

Why This Economic Cycle Is So Confusing

Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO & “Masters in Business” Host Barry Ritholtz discusses what he thinks is leading to rising inflation in America and what needs to be done to bring it down.   Transitory Taking Longer than Expected Source: Bloomberg, June 8, 2022   I am getting that...

What Happens When The Market & Economic “Experts” Are Wrong – Silver Doctors

It’s extraordinary how some of the most prominent ‘experts’ have been so wrong, and yet they are all… by Simon Black of Sovereign Man I arrived back to Mexico a few days ago, because, the big news in my life is that my wife and...