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On The American Economy And The Road To Destruction (Inflation, Gold, Dollar & More) – Silver Doctors

Not only does America no longer have an economy, it no longer seems to have any economic statistics or ones that… by Paul Craig Roberts via As I recently wrote, the US no longer has an economy. America is a market for goods produced...

Gold Looks To Have Bottomed, Dollar To Have Topped – Silver Doctors

“…that move below $1680…” by Peter Schiff of Peter Schiff Podcast Recession Deniers Waking up to Reality · More data pointing to a worsening economy.· ECB hikes rates for first time in 11 years.· Dollar looks to have topped out.· Gold looks to have bottomed.· Tech...

Dollar Rally Biggest Risk? Commodities Super Cycle Will Last Another 10-15 Years? – Silver Doctors

Important global macro… George Gammon with Jason Burack of Wall St For Main St Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, retired entrepreneur, YouTuber and real estate investor, George Gammon. During this hour plus long conversation George talks about many important global...