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Very Bullish Chart Patterns Developing – Silver Doctors

Will gold & silver actually become the market leaders in 2022? Chris Vermeulen on GoldCore TV Chris Vermeulen of joins Dave Russell to discuss charts that could help us interpret future moves in the gold and silver market. In this episode, we look at...

Updating My Favorite Performance Chart For 2021

It’s that time again. Here’s an update of my asset allocation quilt over the past 10 years: Some thoughts: I was surprised REITs did so well last year. I pay attention to this stuff. I track returns for a wide variety of markets, strategies and asset...

Here’s where the jobs landed last month — in one chart

The leisure and hospitality sector led hiring in December as restaurant and bar managers added wait staff, cooks and bartenders to payrolls ahead of the holidays.That sector saw net job growth of 53,000 workers, with eateries accounting for 42,600 of that gain and...