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Pumpkin pie prices higher, thanks partly to climate change

The Pie Shop in Washington, D.C.CNBCAs Americans sit down at their Thanksgiving tables, many of the items in front of them will be more expensive than they were last year. Pies in particular. And climate change is a contributing factor.Inflation is hitting every...

BP ‘committed’ to tackling climate change, CEO says

Oil giant BP is committed to tackling climate change, the company's CEO said, but he insisted that hydrocarbons such as oil and gas will have an ongoing role to play in the energy mix for years."It may not be popular to say that...

Will U.S. ever put a price on carbon as part of climate change policy?

A ConocoPhillips refinery in Wilmington, California.Jonathan Alcorn | Bloomberg | Getty ImagesThe world needs to reduce carbon levels, and one way is through a carbon tax, a strategy the U.S. has been debating for decades.   With urgent calls to lower greenhouse gas emissions globally, putting a price on carbon was one of the...

Addressing climate change won’t happen without fossil fuels or messy partisan politics

             Forgive senior Saudi officials for their head-scratching in response to the simultaneous and contradictory demands from the Biden administration that Riyadh's royals pump more oil into the world economy while reducing carbon emissions.In my travels over the last two weeks -- first to...