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Worker shifts fall in August as delta variant hits small businesses

Michael Lee | Moment | Getty ImagesFewer small businesses were open and hourly employees working in August from July, indicating that the Covid-19 delta variant may be dampening the U.S. economic recovery, according to data from Homebase, which supplies employee scheduling software to...

Facebook, Instagram outage hurt creators, small businesses

Lakinya Francis is building a LinkedIn account, Haley Sanchez is expanding her email list and Michael Elefante plans to build out his website."We get so fixated on what's working and that's fine but we need to have a backup plan, especially when we're...

Democrats eye reforms to 20% pass-through tax deduction for businesses

Congressional Democrats are considering reforms to the 20% pass-through tax deduction as part of a $3.5 trillion federal spending package.Democrats' proposal would phase out the tax break for business owners with taxable income exceeding $400,000, according to a discussion list obtained by CNBC....

Kevin O’Leary on a costly mistake too many family businesses make

Christopher Willard | Disney General Entertainment Content | Getty ImagesSome valuable firms like Hermes demonstrate there's brand value preserved in keeping the business under family control. Others prove that the family connection can help restore belief in a damaged brand — Toyota after...