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Here’s how urban and rural Americans build wealth differently

Doug Langley clears the combine harvester's head from weed before he starts harvesting, during the wheat harvest in Shelbyville, Kentucky, June 29, 2021.Amira Karaoud | ReutersMany rural Americans may have stronger finances than urban dwellers, but their wealth may lack diversification, jeopardizing a...

UK will build one new nuclear plant a year

As Europe looks to move away from dependence on Russian energy, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said nuclear power needs to play a larger role.Nuclear power is "absolutely crucial to weaning us off fossil fuels, including Russian oil and gas," Johnson said during...

How to Build an Authentic Brand

Authentic branding is not about "appearing" authentic - it's about truly being who you really are. Here's how to establish a brand that reflects your honest self. (Source)