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Negative Equity: Is it Bad?

This is a guest post from Ney Torres, with whom I had an interesting email exchange as we tried to figure out why Home Depot had negative equity. Is negative equity bad?...

Animal Spirits: Good News is Bad News

Today’s Animal Spirits is brought to you by YCharts: See here for YCharts’ latest research on the real impact of mega-cap stocks on your portfolio. On today’s show we discuss: Targets margins are getting squeezed  The state of the economy survey  Wages are still going up The dark side...

Behind on retirement saving? A bad market can be a good time to invest

Small business owners are among the Americans most likely to fall behind on saving for retirement. Investing back into a business is more often a priority for entrepreneurs with any excess cash than investing in a long-term tax-deferred retirement plan. Covid didn't help.Amid...