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A General Update And Technical Analysis – Silver Doctors

Gold & silver lost support levels and are finally becoming bullish on a contrary sentiment basis. The play could be… by Gary Tanashian from Notes From The Rabbit Hole A general update of a macro in transition Detailed work, which got us to this point intact,...

Forensic Analysis Of Fed Action On Silver Price – Silver Doctors

There are three morals to this story… by Keith Weiner of Monetary-Metals The last few days of trading in silver have been a wild ride.  On Wednesday morning in New York, six hours before the Fed was to announce its interest rate hike, the price of...

100-Year (Or More) Buy-And-Hold Strategy For Gold & Silver? Technical Analysis? – Silver Doctors

Can gold & silver enthusiasts live by doomsday analysis and preparation alone? by Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates 1.   The battle for $2000 gold continues and the horrific tension between the governments of the East and the West intensifies. 2.   Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge.  My base case...