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More Than a Makeover: Huge Upgrades for the Entire Themis Ecosystem

What we know today as Themis Ecosystem started many years ago with just one innovative technology called Product Reincarnation Technology. The process became the heart of Project Phoenix8, which initiated the Themis Ecosystem.

Today, the whole system is experiencing a new renaissance. Not only is the first driver about to be built shortly, but many innovative segments have recently come into place. This article will lead you through the last changes and updates.

Innovative charity: organic food, free for the community

While the primary attention was focused on the construction of the first Themis Ecosystem European factory, the team was quietly designing and planning updates and upgrades. They should happen later as vast support to the big picture. Some are so big that some people doubt they are achievable.

When it became apparent that their waste-to-energy factory would produce surplus electricity, the company decided to use it as efficiently as possible. The team developed two unique additional modules.

The first one that is already built is a vertical farming module that produces high-quality food under the brand name John’s Organic Roots. (The second module that will be added later is diamond-producing technology.)

The first product will be organic salad, which will not be grown commercially. In collaboration with the in-house charity movement We4Next Nation, the organization will donate the entire crop to local communities monthly. The team confirmed that the first food-growing tests were successful.

A different charity that offers unique, high-tech antistress therapies for free

The second charity activity, which will also occur under the We4Next Nation movement brand, will offer special antistress therapies. For this purpose, the team has designed, developed, and built a unique, innovative technology.

The treatments will be based on the proven in-house formula, combining natural plant essences, special light, and sound. The therapy effects have been tested in the most demanding hospital environments, and the results have exceeded all expectations.

That way, the team is positive that community users will be able to reduce so-called stress factors without side effects. And free of charge, of course.

The first public antistress unit, called Asclepius8, will be located on the streets of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, EU.

“We will provide free therapy to about three hundred people every day. This innovative technology is our gift to the local community. It represents the point of an entire Themis Ecosystem as a platform that covers all aspects of reshaping the industry, community progress, and cleaning the environment,” says Roberto Hroval, the founder.

The first “driver,” OIX, and partnership alliances

Nevertheless, all eyes are focused on the construction site right now, where workers are finishing the five meters deep foundation slab. “This operation was the most demanding,” Hroval explained, “the building and machinery will be assembled quickly.”

The next component to receive a significant overhaul is OIX (Online Industrial Exchange). OIX operates as a regular exchange but uses an entirely new “measurement unit”; an e-voucher called iTo.

According to the latest updates, the OIX launch will occur in three distinct phases. The company has already issued the first iTo, called PP8 iTo, which represented the first stage of development. It was reserved only for early supporters who were able to buy PP8 iTos for US $0,20.

Nobody was able to predict the price movement, and the company hoped for steady growth. Today, the initial price of the PP8 iTo has exceeded all expectations. It is consolidating at just above US $22,00.

Now, the second phase of OIX’s development is set to begin. The OIX will open its doors to larger investors and their lists of clients. Everything is ready, and the team already conducts discussions with potential business partners.

The team prepared special agreements for prominent partners to purchase the first larger iTos packages. With the arrival of larger buyers, experts expect a new and significant increase in the price of the PP8 iTo.

The second phase will last a while, so all the potential bugs will be cleared, and the team will prepare for mass adoption.

That would be the first to the final phase when anyone can join the Themis Ecosystem family and buy and sell iTos on OIX.

New Themis Ecosystem drivers

The company will achieve another significant milestone when its partner’s “drivers” join the system. So far, the company is working on building two of its own drivers-factories. One is a wood waste-to-green energy biomass plant called Biomass Ultima, also known under the brand AGE LAB.

The second in-house “driver” is a waste-to-green energy plant Project Phoenix8 that transforms hydrocarbons into alternative electricity with no emissions and 98% economic efficiency.

Both technologies create negative CO2 emissions, which has environmental and monetary effects.

It is clear that the third driver will be a technology that partners will develop and provide.

The Themis Ecosystem-OIX team is already directing partners to connect to OIX, instructing them, preparing the technology installations, etc.

“Connecting outside technology to our system is a huge milestone,” confirmed the founder, “because it will pave a path for all other technologies joining OIX in the future.”

In the meantime, the team is also refreshing all websites to adjust them to the latest improvements. Due to the fact that progress is outpacing plans, new data is added daily.

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