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Investing Insanity Or No-Brainer? Buying (Stacking) The 6-Ounce, 100% Pure Vacuum-Sealed Coffee Bricks From Dollar Tree – Silver Doctors

With an expiration date in 2023 and not at all like a call option that can expire worthless, considering the supply chain disruptions and the food price inflation…

(by Half Dollar) This seems like a no-brainer to me.

Indeed, I really enjoy figuring out what to do with every single excess dollar that I have, because holding on to the US dollar is a lot like playing a game of hot potato, only, it’s more like a grenade than a potato, and it’s more like a nuclear bomb than a grenade.

And it sure seems like the timing is right with my latest bright idea.

Or brain fart.

Take your pick.

For now, however, and for the people out there who understand that the US dollar has already hyperinflated, this is like a sport, but as Economic Misery and Financial Ruin kick-in across America, it’s quite literally going to be more like real wealth that doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.

Just like silver.

Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

Side Note: This is not investment advice, this is not a pump, this is not a recommendation or review of Cafe El Morro coffee, this is not a recommendation or review of the Dollar Tree, and this is not anything, really, but rather, this is just some babbling idiot talking about his latest crazy investment.

I guess you could call this some good old-fashioned “portfolio diversification”, and not only that, but I’m talking about investing in something that is measurable with a specific weight and purity, like a 28-gram, 24K gold bracelet or a 10-ounce, .999 fine silver bar.

Or, you know that purchase I made of a few hundred bars of Zote, which not only has a specific weight and purity (400 grams of 66% fatty acid), but is also useful for so much more than just laundry, and can also be stored pretty much indefinitely, or at least until the time comes to use or sell?

Um, yeah.

Kinda like that.

So it should come as no surprise that the price of Zote is up big-time since I made that no-brainer investment, and that got me thinking about making a purchase of coffee.

You see, I know a ton of people who drink coffee, but I don’t know anybody personally involved in the coffee supply chain, much less in the growing of coffee beans, and all things considered, to me, this Cafe El Morro seems like the absolute cheapest coffee in all of America right now.

And it’s real coffee, I might add.

That is to say, using only 8 scoops of the coffee, Wifey brewed 10 cups in a normal “drip” coffee maker, and I gotta tell ya, this coffee is robust in an “it’ll put hair on your chest” kind of way!

And here’s one part of my logic: You can view several YouTube reviews about this exact coffee, and while watching the reviews, not from a “coffee drinker” perspective, but from an “investing” perspective, the reviews are rather telling.

For example, one reviewer was giving a generally good review of the coffee in July of 2021, and the reviewer stated he paid $3.96 for the 6-ounce brick of Cafe El Morro!


I mean, what kind of review would the reviewer have given if he actually paid one single dollar for the coffee instead of about four bucks?

Moreover, what does it mean if people are already talking neutrally if not favorably about the coffee while paying nearly four times the going rate?

Yikes again!

Furthermore, here’s another part of my logic, from a Facebook post in May of 2019 from the manufacturer itself:

In other words, and apologies in advance for shouting this from the rooftops: THE PRICE OF CAFE EL MORRO HAS BEEN THE SAME SINCE AT LEAST MID-2019!

Said differently, and I’ll ask it as a question: For how much longer will we be able to purchase 6 ounces of 100% pure coffee in a durable vacuum-sealed brick for one single dollar?

As usual, my crazy idea has made Wifey uncomfortable, so that means I must be on to something.

Or it means that I’m an idiot.

Again, take your pick.

So begrudgingly, I agreed to only purchase 96 of them:

I would buy a few thousand of them if Wifely let me.


And to think, I maybe drink coffee a dozen times a year, for I am an unsweetened iced-tea drinker at heart, but in late 2021, all things considered, adding these bricks of coffee to my humble stack of stuff is perhaps one of the best investments that can be made at this exact moment in time.

Shameless Plug Time: If the days of the 500-mile loaf of bread and the 3000-mile Caesar salad are numbered as Brian Ochsner said just last week:

Then this particular coffee, in my opinion, right now, is severely undervalued.

Not unlike silver.

Or just like silver.

Or whatever.

Remember: There is a huge difference between price and value.

Additionally, I recently wrote about how Little Caesars has raised the price of its $5 pizza to a whopping $5.55, and I also recently wrote about Dollar Tree itself raising the prices of some items to well over $1.

Here’s the question: With the White House having just doubled-down on income, shortages, and all of that other fun Zombie Apocalypse stuff, after the Federal government’s own statisticians show that consumer prices are rising way faster than worker wages, does anybody really think this investment opportunity will last for much longer?

Yes folks, for this is where we are at this stage of our unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth.

And it’s not so much that everybody gets to play, but rather, everybody will play, whether we want to or not.

Those playing in the digital markets and in the paper markets will be financially annihilated.

While Joe Deplorable enjoys a nice hot cup of Joe.

Hyperinflation is transitory…


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