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Behind the Scenes: Roberto Hroval – Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary, Innovator, and Founder of PatentReal Corp (Part 2)

This is the second part of the interview with Mr. Roberto Hroval. In the previous part, we discussed his view on life and business, God, social obligations for successful businessmen, and some of his projects. If you haven´t read the first part, you might want to read it first.


Let’s talk about your latest achievement – or, as you say, your life’s work – Product Reincarnation Technology™ (PRT in short). Is “reincarnation” of industrial products or end-of-life products possible?

Yes, it is. The technological process is at least ninety years old, but it is questionable, according to today’s environmental point of view. At that times there was no general or public interest, as well.

We have developed and tested a useful industrial solution for many years now. We made it environmentally friendly, highly efficient and highly profitable. This technology will be useful for at least the next fifty years. With rising the ecological awareness, the interest in such solutions is increasing. The same goes for the need for high-quality energy products, as we produce through the process.

But I would like to emphasize one thing. As you know, I have worked on many projects. And I am sure that many new projects are yet to come. But PRT is the special one if I can use this term.

I mean, all the projects that PatentReal Corporation works on are excellent. But this one is the one that I really identified with. So, I decided to put all my energy and effort into it. If that means that I would need to outsource other projects, I am ready to do it. I will not allow even the slightest possibility that this project would not turn out as planned.


It is inspiring that Product Reincarnation Technology™ can solve the problem of waste in a form of worn out products. You produce highly valued energy products out of them – very inexpensively and even without the exploitation of the planet.

Exactly. Waste accumulation problem will not disappear. We will always create waste. So, we need to look for a scalable solution for controlling and systematic management of the problem.

We must also consider how we can solve this problem in the least painful way. When I search for such solutions, I come out by saying, “What would be the solution to a problem that would be so good that people would almost want this problem to arise?”

Then I persevere until I reach a satisfying answer. Unfortunately, I do not have time to find solutions to all problems I think about, so I focus on those that are most important for the long-term development of larger communities, the preservation of the planet and the improvement of social conditions.


“The solution must be so good that people almost want to have a problem…” (Roberto Hroval)

Can you tell us an example of a practical solution that includes your philosophy, “The solution must be so good that people almost want to have a problem”, which all of our readers can relate to?

OK, this one comes to my mind. Let’s assume that people are angry at the bank because they found some irregularities in bank statements. After a time the bank managed to solve the problem completely. How should the bank now inform clients that they have really solved the problem and let them know that the problem will not occur again?

How about this. The bank announces that for each error that customers will find in the statement in the future, they will receive $100 in their account. What would the bank achieve with that solution? Firstly, the solution has been very effectively communicating, since it is now clear to everyone that errors are eliminated now – otherwise, the bank will go bankrupt.

Secondly, if people find an error in the statement, they will be happy, because they will receive so much compensation for their problem that they will almost want to find some errors in the statement.


Yes, I can surely relate to that! But let´s go back to PRT. Is the location and time of the first launch of the project already known? Can you exclusively reveal it for our readers?

The first setup will be installed and launched at the location where people think about a better future, in the long run, they are in favor of such solutions and want only the best for their region. That is, they appreciate ecology and are aware of the favorable consequences of such technology for both people and the whole region, economically and socially.

Let me also mention that we are introducing two approaches to implementing Product Reincarnation Technology™. Our plant will be called Project Phoenix8. In other markets, we will launch technology under the “private label” principle. So, the names of the factories will be different, but there will be an extension of the name “Product Reincarnation Technology™ Inside” or “Powered by Product Reincarnation Technology™.”

Let me also point out that after patenting three key parts of the plant, PatentReal Corp. and contract partners will be the only ones to offer PRT.


I have noted that you have participated in diverse projects, from very different areas. One of the things that separate you from others is your ability to carry out the project from idea to final application, in an extremely short time and practically without critical errors in the final product. How are you doing it? From where do you draw the knowledge?

The key lies not within the knowledge or education itself but in the system or approach. This is always the same. It runs from idea to end-use, through practical application or through monetization of technology – selling it, licensing, or renting.

You must have the desire, the broader and general knowledge of the markets, technologies and different industries. This gives you independent thinking. If you allow yourself to think out of the box, you can create a solid and unbiassed opinion that gives you the direction of the solution. It is crucial that you do not limit yourself with existing solutions, otherwise, you will fall into the so-called scarcity of a mindset.

You know, like “This is impossible, so many people have tried and failed…”, “Who am I to dare thinking I am capable of finding the solution…”, and similar.

Once you find a relatively good solution, you have to evaluate it with a purely mathematical approach and via the economic model. A good idea is the one that the market is ready to accept, and is willing to pay for it. With other words, maybe you have a great idea, but that doesn´t mean you have to execute it tomorrow. Or, that you are the one to execute it at all.

For this reason, I have many more ideas in the drawer, for which I am waiting for the right moment to come.


After the Phoenix, there is another “bird” coming…

Let me mention one project that attracted my attention lately – the flying saucer FCX-01. It looks very futuristically. Apart from this, the market is flooded with various ideas about personal transport by air. Did you just want to jump on that train, or do you have realistic options for making this vehicle?

This is an entirely workable solution. Technology has been in existence for more than a hundred years. We have tested the solution already. On a small model, we checked existing findings, made some changes, and set realistic goals. This technology works. The next phase, which is envisaged for 2022, is to build a larger saucer of approx. 6,5 feet. This will be followed by a final flying saucer, which will be twenty feet in diameter and capable of transporting two passengers at speeds above 125 mph.


The saucer looks very advanced. What are its main advantages?

In particular, the implosion principle, which saves a lot of energy and is extremely stable even in windy situations. The motor is installed inside the body and almost invisible.

Therefore, the saucer will be able to land anywhere, without risk of damaging the passengers or the environment. Last but not least, autonomous driving will allow you to travel without a license or user experience.

Other supporting technologies such as a gyroscope, mapping, automatic protocols for self-control and the like, are already known and tested. The project will carry out a team of English engineers who have a long tradition in aviation and a lot of practical knowledge.


Forecasts for the future

So, why a flying saucer? Why not a new car – running on water, for example – or other mode of transportation?

I do not believe in the long-term future on four wheels. The answer lies not even in the electric cars. There will still be congestion. The number of cars cannot be reduced so much to solve the most pressing problems.

By raising standards, with cheaper materials and by lowering prices for technology solutions, car prices will further drop. The lower price means more users, not less. The idea of ​​hiring vehicles instead of possessing them – think the Uber-style – will slightly alleviate matters, but I do not think that it is a big enough step.

Even the shifting of traffic underground is not the answer because the cost is simply too big. Also, the solution requires a lot of time, and the problem of traffic jams is not significantly solved.

We must know that, unlike general opinion, science, in general, stagnates. Nothing new has been invented for the last sixty years. We are still driving in cars, which are basically the same for more than hundred years just updated. Airplanes operate on the same principles for more than sixty years, trains over a hundred years, etc.

For this reason, it is necessary to make a key bounce. The future is in the air and in harmony with the environment. FCX-01 drastically reduces the problem of spending time traveling, does not need new roads, does not condition huge costs of setting up or maintaining infrastructure, and, with autonomous driving and a sharing system, it becomes accessible to anyone and anywhere. Of course, new regulations will have to be made so the air traffic will run safely and smoothly.


According to your knowledge and anticipation of future business development, how do you see the future?

The future will be very interesting! New technologies will be discovered that will help us with everyday tasks. The cashless system will prevail, the currency will become digital. I can´t see why we still have paper money, except for speculation and underground operations. Actually, about 98% of the money is already in digital form today. Of course, printing of fiat money has a lot to do with governments and monetary institutions so an acceptable solution for all parties will have to be made.

I am following some very interesting projects that will shape the future in various areas. In general, over the past twenty years, I notice, the identity of the individual and the community began to lessen. We can see a number of irregularities, negativism, all kind of battles and wars, which is also reflected in the business environment. Unfortunately, thanks to various media reporting and the need for drama, people are much more focused on negative news than on beautiful, positive ones that usually go by without noticing.

In reality, however, we are moving in a very positive direction. Yes, we pay for our lessons, but the development of civilization and the status of the individual have greatly improved.

It was not unusual, even in Europe, about seventy years ago when also eight years old children worked for twelve hours a day, for a real miserable payment. Today people live much better in general than a couple of decades ago.

Let´s take a look at the environment, air, water, earthquakes, etc. We are following the track of these for millions of years in the past. But for mankind, we are monitoring only a few hundreds of years and moan, how we lived better few years or a few decades ago.

I believe that science and solid arguments will prevail in the future, for which I endeavor myself. Unfortunately, the biggest stories are unfolding in the background, behind closed walls. But this does not mean that everyone can´t take care of themselves, their neighbors and the environment.

We just have to focus on the right goals and look a little further, not just an inch in front of our noses. We do not need populists, speculators, leeches, and quasi-professionals. When we are ready to separate this parasitic part of society from the right steps for the development of both the individual and the civilization, everything will progress rapidly.


Did you miss the Bill Gates´ garage days to buy his stocks?

When I think about your projects – especially the Product Reincarnation Technology ™ I unintentionally remember Bill Gates from the time he developed “Windows” in the garage. Like him at that time, you are not yet known globally and your “Shares” are not listed on stock exchanges, yet. So, I have the feeling that the investment in your project at this stage would gain a lot of profit in investors’ pockets. I also believe that some of our readers will be interested investing into PRT! How can we join the investment? What kind of return can we expect?

Unfortunately, you can no longer invest into PRT. This stage of the project has already been concluded. Or, if I can use your phrase – this Bill Gates in the garage went by, too… (laughs)

The revenue we predict comes from the gross income for twenty years, which means that the profit will also refer to the turnover that will be achieved during this period. Given that the input raw material is almost free and the end product is highly valued energy goods, the company’s income will be above average, and therefore profit as well.


Can you reveal some numbers? I have a feeling that you are avoiding this answer…

Well, I don´t prefer to talk about the numbers. This is a confidential subject and I also want to protect investors. We don´t expose the details and thus reduce speculation.

But I can give you some general numbers. Overall estimation for next twenty-years, we anticipate over $22 billion of revenue in Europe, similar in US and around $6 in the Middle East. As far as investment is concerned, let’s say that the everything, including startup cost and all the costs of running a business, is a very small fraction of these numbers.


Really fascinating. Finally, I have to emphasize that you have very strong and positive energy and interesting ideas. From now on I will closely monitor your progress. And let me and our readers know when you are open for new investments…

Thank you. I’m very happy if I did something positive to you and the readers, in personal or business sense. Or, if I fill up some pebbles in the mosaic of your look at the future. If this is so, my main purpose was accomplished.


Thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best in the future. I have a feeling that your time is just coming…

Thanks for your time! I hope that we meet again in such a pleasant atmosphere.


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