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Behind the Scenes: Roberto Hroval – Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary, Innovator, and Founder of PatentReal Corp (Part 1)

It wasn’t easy to schedule an interview with a founder of PatentReal Corporation, Mr. Roberto Hroval. He was on his way to China, after returning from a very successful meeting in Abu Dhabi, presenting Product Reincarnation Technology ™. We held a meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. This was a rare opportunity to meet him because he rarely gives interviews. “I do not rely on any kind of media. I believe in a handshake, a straight look into the eyes, and in the honesty of a given word. I make most successful businesses without any public exposure at all. People find me, contact me and then we meet in person. That’s the way I handle my meetings, businesses, and my life. If you didn´t trust me enough or value the potential of our meeting to come to see me, why bother,” he explained.

Thank you for your time and the opportunity for our readers to get to know you more. I know that you are not exactly favorable to journalists, so thank you for this opportunity. So, are you often on the go and how much time do you work each day?

You see, this is one of the things why I was never a big fan of appearance in the media. I never said I was not in favor of journalists. But, indeed, I do not like how journalists – and not only they – are prone to turn words around and change the message. Otherwise, I am very fond of serious media and I like to give interviews.

On the other hand, I do am on the go all the time and very busy, so journalists give up. When I travel, I’m on average fourteen hours a day in airplanes or cars. If the journalist is prepared to take the time and meet me at the place I propose, and on the day and the hour I specify, we are very close to the interview. Well, there are very few of them who are willing to do that, so the voice spread about me that I’m not in favor of the media.

To answer your question, I usually work around ten hours a day. But work doesn´t mean having a hard time. Sometimes the day goes by very quickly and I am not tired in the evening.

Let’s start with a bang. What are your life goals and what makes you happy?

My goal is to give the general population, that is all people, access to technologies that effectively solve everyday problems in key areas: transport, energy, monetary system, well-being, as well as specific social problems. I also feel good when I inspire someone to step for a new path or to do something positive for a fellow man. Success in the world begins at home.

If you want to change the world, start in your head, with a good idea, thinking differently, and above all with confidence that you can succeed. Everyone can contribute to his community and the world.

Genius and modesty associated with commitment to society

People compare you with Elon Musk. They often call you “European Elon Musk”. I also noted that you have been described as a “combination of Nikola Tesla and Leonardo Da Vinci”. In short, people see you as a genius and some sort of savior for key global problems. Do you also see yourself?

Absolutely not. I do not have the feeling that I do something very special. Everyone is born for something. My great advantage was that I recognized my talents, motives, and key skills in very young years, though. I just wanted to express myself. Luckily, that helps a lot of people.

I have found that I feel good when I can help people or offer solutions that cannot be realized. It is true that my projects reach a larger number of people or are useful for the broad masses… but each individual can develop talents to add value to the community. It is about recognizing a person´s abilities, trusting yourself, and keeping a constant focus on the goal, regardless of the obstacles on the way.

My greatest motivation is the picture in my head of how new technologies and inventions help the masses to make their lives better. This is kind of inside me or who I am. You can also say that this is my destiny.

You act very inspiredly, which you would not expect from a successful businessman. If you answer as a scientist – does God even exist?

We can look at this question in two ways. Firstly, through the existence of some intelligence that “runs the game.” I believe in a higher power that connects the living beings and the energy potential of all the existing ones. After all, we are all only an energy unique and the sum of atoms, consisting of the same elements, in a different order, and a constant balance.

On the other hand, we can look at God in the sense of faith, trust, and tolerance. I believe that we all believe in something “more.” Some people believe in religious God, other in the Creator or Nature, some in the fellow person, the fourth in love as the most powerful force, etc. The fact is, we are all looking for security, safe shelter, and closeness. The idea that our life and the universe are no coincidence keeps us up in difficult moments.

“When you succeed with the project, you have a moral and ethical obligation to devote some of the energy to a source – the masses…” (Roberto Hroval)

Why are you interested in social issues? For a successful businessman who develops billion-dollar projects, I expected you would be focused solely on the business…

Social issues in our civilization are crucial and too often forgotten. People are social beings. We like to connect, support each other, develop and progress… We are attracted to successful people whom we value and with whom we can identify. We can choose them to be our mentors, or we can let them inspire us.

But this is just one side of the coin. On the other hand, great and successful people need the hinterland of the masses so that their achievements can come to life. Many inventions and genius ideas ended up in the drawers because at a crucial moment people did not identify themselves with the idea.

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, and others – look at their stories from the other side. Big masses identified with their ideas, devoted trust and money, and thus supported these great men in development. Without people’s support, visionary projects fail.

So, I see this as a closed circle. An innovator or businessman gets an idea presented to the market. If the market trusts the project and adopts the idea presented, it supports it, both financially and energetically. That way, a successful businessman or innovator is directly dependent on the market reaction.

Then comes the time for the third wave: a successor has to return and repay this trust and thank the masses. This means that the person who succeeded in the project has a moral and ethical obligation to return a part of the energy to the source – the masses – and thus improve the civilization norms.

Let´s talk about your specific projects. Some time ago, you announced plans for the “Asclepius8 Project”, a public and mobile unit for body and mind rejuvenation. Is this project valid? Can some technology influence people’s well-being?

Definitely. My claim derives from our research and findings of the past twelve years in the field of cognitive science. We have explored, for example, whether the extracts of certain plant essences combined in a particular balance can affect brain receptors for the secretion of certain hormones. Our formula affects the basic bio-electrical-chemical parameters in the body to the extent that not only improves well-being, but also physical tissue.

For that purpose, we have developed a special device that enriches the air with special substances.

It sounds very interesting. I read about the project on Bloomberg. Can you tell us more about the findings and results?

I surely can. We tested this technology in quite difficult circumstances. For example, certain applications were tested on patients with Huntington’s disease. It is known that 94% of patients die in a relatively short time. Patients can´t sleep, they shake, their motor skills are extremely limited, feeding is done only with the help of hospital staff.

After a few days of insomnia, they are usually treated with strong sedatives so their body can rest and is easily controlled, for example during feeding. With our device and specially developed formula of plant extracts, we achieved that patients settle down automatically and without any side effects. Their general health was also improved. All they needed to do was breathe the air, enriched by our formula, and without any interaction with healthcare professionals.

Excellent results were also achieved in patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Does this represent a new billionth project for you, easily spreading around the world?

In theory, yes, but the practice is somewhat different. In the ideal world, this project would be extremely interesting and profitable. The fact is, however, that it is often not in the interest or capabilities of certain governing structures to develop projects in this direction.

For example, would not it be cheaper and more affordable for people to prevent and effectively reduce stress before it causes invaluable harm in humans?

Unfortunately, we use this device with exceptional potential today only for commercial purposes: in shops for improving the wellbeing of visitors, in offices for increasing productivity, in spa centers for calming and relaxation, and the like.

Nevertheless, I believe that the time has come for this technology to be accessed free of charge. As the first in the world, we are preparing an even simpler but extremely effective “room” for free public use, in which a large number of people can relax very easily. They will sit in comfortable armchairs, inhale special air, listen to the selected sounds, and further relax with the help of special colored patterns.

This is, in fact, the ultimate goal of this project – to set up public mobile units for free use. This way, the technology will not only be privileged by the rich or those who first come to the inside information, but will be available and equally intended for everyone.

Reincarnation of products – a new trend in the industry?

Lately, we can read a lot about your Product Reincarnation Technology™. I understand that you are targeting primarily developed world markets. Am I right?

Yes. For the Middle East, the US, and European markets the “D Day” is approaching. That is, we will launch a special technology that will change the global attitude towards waste products, in a few steps. Let me describe some global advantages of that technology.

The first thing is that we will no longer look at the worn-out products as something worthless or even something that is environmentally and economically burdensome since the discarded products will become an input raw material for the production of highly valued energy products sold for a top dollar.

This does not only mean that we will reduce environmental pollution and Earth exploitation, but we will also change the global mindset. Think about it – who will throw old bottles or spent car tires into the wild or burn them if they can be sold as input materials and make good money out of them?

By the way, this is a good example of how to apply new technologies. The project will not be successful if you ask people to change their habits, because they likely won´t do that. But people are motivated by the change if it is easy and if they immediately benefit from the new situation.

Just like in this case. The best solution is to reward people for what we want them to do. We do not ask them to handle waste responsibly and do not threaten them with sanctions, but offer them a buy-out of worn-out products at a good price.

This is a general recipe for global motivation – let people become part of the movement because they are rewarded for certain activities that we want to implement. The recipe applies to all areas and conditions. For example, many developed and committed communities are trying to persuade people to buy fruit and vegetables from organic production, for they contain less harmful substances and more nutrients. What is the easiest way to reach this goal? Such large subsidies at the purchase of organically produced foods that the price for the end purchaser will be the same or even lower than the non-quality food.

This new mindset is, therefore, an additional – but highly beneficial – “side effect” of the implementation of the Product Reincarnation Technology™; or PRT project as we call it shortly.

Can you tell us briefly how the technology works?

Sure. PRT turns worn-out products, which now end up in seas, grapes, or forests, into useful raw materials or even the same new products very cheaply. In a special reactor, discarded plastics, old tires, and the like, are decomposed into the basic building blocks, e.g. black carbon and fuel, in very pure form and at a relatively low temperature. These goods can then be sold as stand-alone products, or they can be used as an energy source for the production of electricity, for example. Alternatively, we can make the same new product like the one you put in as a waste.

It is also important to emphasize that the whole process takes place completely without any emissions and that it is economically more than justifiable.

For this reason, we scientifically justified the “reincarnation process” within the industry and intellectually protected the new term PRT – Product Reincarnation Technology™, also as a brand.

In fact, we have the biggest problem with investors to show them a realistic picture, because the return on investment is so fast that it seems almost impossible. Also, profits that are generated are truly above average. But on the other side, use a simple logical equation: how successful is the project if the input raw material is almost free, then it is processed with more than 85% efficiency and the result are highly valuable products that the market pays top dollar for?

The other thing that matters here is the usability and reliability of the technology. Machinery has been successfully tested for many years. We tested it in the worst possible circumstances – heat, moisture, non-stop working. We went through the alpha and beta series and constantly improved processes and hardware parts.

Also, before we put the technology on the market, we will patent the three key parts and thus remain the only ones that will be offering PRT.

Sounds great. How far are you with the realization of the project? I read an article in the Chicago Tribune about potentials the project have in that region…

We are very pleased that the added value and usefulness of the technology have been recognized by both experts and investors. In the beginning, we had a problem because nobody believed that the waste project could be so profitable. When the billion-dollar companies started to show interest, the situation changed dramatically.

Now, I get practically every day a “coffee invitation” because people are magnetically drawn to the project. They want to meet with me and find out firsthand whether everything about the project is true.

Unfortunately, I’m not in favor of such meetings. Not only because I carefully cherish my time and I choose the people I hang out with wisely, but also because I have obligations to investors. I’m happy to meet people who believed in the project and supported me when it was most needed. I also like to meet young enthusiastic students. The other will have to wait or meet me at public gatherings.

(To be continued)

 In the second part of this interview, Roberto Hroval presents more details and inside information on Product Reincarnation Technology™. We also talked about flying saucers and Mr. Hroval´s view of the future. After all the answers and revelation, I could not resist asking him how could I become a part of these inventions and invest in his project. Well, the answer surprised me…

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